David Landa
Partner / Co-Founder / Executive Director at Free Association

"It’s always a pleasure when I have the opportunity to work with Carlos. His storyboards and conceptual artwork are beautiful and appropriately crafted to the job. Carlos has proven himself to be much more than an instrument to convey my ideas — he is a true creative partner with a unique, well-informed lens on the world. Working with Carlos enriches my thinking and provides compelling artwork to help communicate the ideas."

Vinicius Costa
Co-Founder / Creative Director at ROOF Studio

"We are living in a recent reality where there is this cloud of information above us all flooding the industry with a big quantity of talents that simply lack uniqueness and character. Among them Carlos is a true artist in technique and ideology. It is rare to work with someone who is capable of understanding and adding interesting new angles on top of your initial ideas and who can also suggest great references.

Carlos’ line-work is unique. I believe I’d be able to recognize one of his sketches just from how impeccable and clear his lines and shapes look. It is always a pleasure to work with such a senior professional that has tons of experience in different industries and just gets what you are trying to achieve quickly. I have been working with him on specific projects for 10 years now and that is the best proof of how I can recommend him as the great professional he is— with great ethics above all."

Jan Stebbins
former Executive Producer at Hornet Inc.

"Carlos is a go-to storyboard and concept artist for us. Our directors frequently request to work with him because of his superb artistic talent, warm collaborative nature, and original and innovative thinking. Likewise, he's also a favorite of our producers, myself included, because of his tireless work ethic, attention to detail and friendly demeanor. He's an absolute pleasure to work with and would make an excellent addition to any team."

Ryan Staake
Filmmaker / Designer

"Working with Carlos is always an absolute pleasure. He asks all the right questions in the briefing process, understands my rough thumbnails and is always able to deliver on even the tightest of deadlines. The quality of his work, level of detail and insight make him a critical element of my pre production process."

Brody Bernheisel
Director / Creative Development / Creative Producer / Executive Producer

"Carlos is not only one of the best conceptual artists in New York City, but he is also one of the best creative collaborators I have ever worked with. As a producer, working with him was a treat because he was always on schedule and on budget. As a creative collaborator, Carlos introduces and conceptualizes ideas that usually end up making the cut on set and in the edit with agencies and clients. I always get excited when I am able to book him."

Claire Mitchell
Director / Innovation at VaynerMedia

"Carlos' storyboards always illustrate the narrative clearly while bringing creative ideas to the concept development stages of a project. He's also a skilled model maker with a talent for conveying story through the design and fabrication of miniature scenes, he composes original music, and he creates beautiful thought-provoking artwork. Carlos is awesome to work with and is a huge asset on any team."

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